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24 October 2015

Issue # 4 kickstarter campaign is here !! 

After three successful Kickstarter campaigns Broken Angel is back with the penultimate instalment - Broken Angel # 4 ! The latest Kickstarter campaign has launched today and you can get your hands on all 4 issues of the series so far as well as some exclusive merchandise via the link below but only if we reach our pledge goal - so take a look and choose your reward level.



01 October 2013

Ediano Silva appointed as new Broken Angel artist

I’m pleased to announce that Ediano Silva will be taking over the art chores on Broken Angel part way through issue # 2.  With Ediano onboard, Broken Angel # 2 is shaping up nicely.  More updates will follow soon, but for now check out a sneak peek of Ediano’s take on Madison.

16 March 2013

Latest developments

It's been a while since I have had much to post about as regrettably work has progressed a lot slower than I would have liked due to other work commitments.  But work is still underway to bring you the next issue of Broken Angel and as a show of faith check out this stellar pin-up of everyone's favorite mercenary Kaden ! Pencils - Ediano Silva.  Colours - Bramasta Aji   

02 September 2012

“So where is issue # 2?”

I seem to be getting asked that a lot lately; and it’s good question.  Firstly, I can promise that issue # 2 will be happening and the team behind the first issue are all onboard for this.  However, having a superstar artist like Leandro providing the pencils, does mean this title has to fit in around work he is doing for bigger publishers.  So unfortunately there is going to be a delay on getting the next issue out.  But let me stress issue # 2 will happen.  As a ’thank you’ for everyone’s patience here is a sneaky peek of the finished artwork for the first 3 pages of issue # 2.


22 March 2012

First official review of Broken Angel !

My first ever review has appeared over at


with some great feedback.  Big thanks to Matt for taking the time to review this and to Paradox Comics in Poole who have copies of the book available to buy in store.  So go check them out !