The key players of Broken Angel




Part of a secret order compelled to protect those most in need, Madison is used to helping others.  But accepting help is not as easy. Grief stricken, brooding and ridden with guilt he throws himself into helping others as a way of forgetting his own pain.  But when he is assigned to save the life of a young woman, he discovers she might just provide the salvation he has been searching for.

Tegan Harper


Following the death of her parents, Tegan's once unrelenting faith in God is left shaken.  Feeling lost and alone she is in desperate need of a savior.  So a chance encounter with a man who appears to be a real-life guardian angel should be the answer to her prayers.  But what follows is a dangerous and horrowing journey that will test her most sacred beliefs...


Dr. Zenith


A brilliant Doctor.  A globally respected business man.  A leader of one of the largest organised crime syndicates in Europe.   Dr Francis Zenith could be described as all of these things and more.  He is a man used to getting what he wants by any means necessary.  So after a chance encounter shows him the seemingly impossible, his hunger for an explanation will be satisfied.  No matter the consequences. 




The world’s first and only ‘celebrity’ mercenary, Kaden is a man of few words preferring his actions to speak for him.  While his grip on reality and mental state of mind is debatable, his lethal skills and deadly cunning is never in question.


Nimish Patel


Nimish Patel is used to betraying people, but this time he’s crossed the wrong man.  When he’s forced to take account of his actions it’s clear the results are going to be fatal.   He’s a man in need of serious help.   Lucky for him, he has just found his very own guardian angel.  Though whether his life is worth saving is still undecided.